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NEWS! Advanced Electrolysis

NEWS! Advanced Electrolysis

Here at Outline Clinic, Worcestershire’s premier Aesthetic & Laser clinic, we have recently introduced a brand new treatment, which is an advanced cosmetic procedure and provides a great way to treat over 21 different types of skin blemishes and lesions.

ACP1Electrolysis is more commonly associated as an effective method of hair removal, but with technological advances it is now possible to treat a whole host of different skin concerns and problems.

Using Advanced Electrolysis we can now effectively treat the following skin concerns :-

Red Veins

Whiteheads (Milia)

Skin Tags



Seborrhoeic Warts


Blood Spots

Sebaceous Hyperplasia



Dermatosis Papulosa Nigri


This treatment is carried out with a Sterex Advanced Electrolysis machine and utilises a very low current, which effectively cauterizes the area. This dries up the lesion and, using Skin Tags as an example, once treated the tag is either instantly removed or will drop off during the healing process. Delicate areas such as the eye or lash area can also be treated very effectively and with great results! With Milia treatment you will observe a change in the blemish, which will then gradually improve before disappearing.

So….if you have any concerns relating to any of these types of blemishes or lesions the please come and see us here at Outline Clinic, Worcestershire!



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