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Tips to Avoid the Knife when it comes to Cosmetic Procedures!

Facial Restoration without surgery.


According to statistics, surgical cosmetic procedures are at an all time low, with less than 31,000 surgical procedures being carried out in 2016 – the lowest in a decade! In fact surgical cosmetic procedures have dropped 40% since 2015.


One of the reasons for this is the advance in non-surgical procedures and the fact that aesthetic treatments can often achieve results equal to surgery. An added benefit is that aesthetic procedures also carry a lower risk, take less time and usually have significantly less downtime.


With regular treatments over a period of time, the knife can often be delayed indefinitely! Another benefit is that aesthetic treatments can be delivered over a period of time with slow and steady adjustments. Know as “tweakments” this means there doesn’t have to be a dramatic change in appearance, thus avoiding comments and judgments from social circles, such as “Have you had something done?” This is one of the most common objections we hear during consultation – the fear that patients will look dramatically different after the treatment, not like the results, or not look like themselves.


The most common procedures carried out in our clinic for facial restoration, are Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers. However, chasing lines and wrinkles is no longer considered best practice. We now recommend restoring mid face volume to relieve the lower face from excess weight. It is not often that specific lines and wrinkles that we focus on actually age us or make us look old! However, sagging and loose skin is far more ageing.


A good analogy is thinking about renovating houses and property. We all love to spend time thinking about beautiful wallpaper, soft furnishings and colour schemes…..however, you wouldn’t consider actually doing this before you had made the property structurally sound and fixed the foundations, as it would be a waste of money if your house fell down and ruined your new curtains!














We recommend a two stage treatment plan, with Botox to soften fine lines around the top third of the face, and dermal fillers to restore mid face volume and to lift sagging jawlines and jowls. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma are long lasting, with results seen for over 12 months. The treatments can be topped up gradually and regularly to give improvement over time, and if “tweakments” are carried out every 4-6 months, there is not the need to repeat an initial larger financial investment. Rather the cost of the treatment plan is then more manageable.

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