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LED Phototherapy Rejuvenation Mask – New Clinic Treatment!

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Introducing The New LED Light Rejuvenation Phototherapy Mask

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 Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering this LED rejuvenation mask treatment at our Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

This treatment can be preformed on its own or it can be added as an extra into one of our current facial treatments- We love it with our fabulous ZO Stimulating Peel!

Everyone can benefit from this treatment, as there are four different settings on the mask, which will target your individual concerns.

Our Nurse Mary is in the above picture trying out the LED rejuvenation mask. Even though it looks like a torture device, this treatment does not hurt at all!

This treatment is known as low-level light therapy and has excellent benefits:

The rejuvenation mask consists of LED lights; there is a blue light, red light and an alternate setting so you can benefit from both lights.

The blue lights kill bacteria and helps to prevent acne. The blue light also helps purify the skin, stabilise oil secreting glands and smooth inflammation.

The red light combats the signs of ageing, stimulates cell renewal and speeds up the healing process. It causes a rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen production, promoting cellular repair and increasing circulation; making the skin look more youthful.

The mask also has electrodes installed, which are used for an additional setting called galvanic. The galvanic treatment works to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, it acts as a cleanser for the skin and helps to remove impurities and nourish the skin. The galvanic is an electrical current and works by sending a positive and negative charge, which helps your muscles contract and expand rhythmically, increasing elasticity of the skin and slowing down wrinkle formation- fantastic for anti-ageing!

If you would like to book in for this treatment then please contact the Outline Clinic, Droitwich Worcestershire on 01905 795028


We look forward to hearing from you!


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