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Lauren’s top 5 products for a Skin Detox: 2017!

Its time for a Skin Detox!



Hi everyone!

Its Lauren here, Aesthetic Therapy Manager at Outline Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Are you in need of a skin detox before spring?

Here at Outline Clinic we often have patients for skin consultations in need of a skin detox to re-boot their skin to improve skin barrier function and over all skin health.

Last year I blogged about my top 5 products for a skin detox, since then new products have come to light/reformulated and I thought I would share with you my new and improved Top 5!

1: Outline Protect daily SPF 50

outline protect 45

it’s easy to forget our SPF in the winter months, however the ageing (UVA) rays are always around, come rain or shine! This Sun protector is formulated with added goodies such as hydrating vitamin E and brightening Vitamin C.

This wonderful SPF 50 has light reflecting particles to leave your skin beautiful and glowing- no white, cakey finish with this product! The Outline Protect glides on beautifully and even primes make-up.

How to use: Apply AM on top of serum/moisturiser and underneath make-up- reapply over make-up as necessary (every 2-3 hours when in direct sunlight).


2.ZO Skin Health: C Bright Serum

The ZO C-Bright Serum is a must-have, all year round! Vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects against free radical damage such as smoke & air pollutants. ZO C-Bright contains 10% L-ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C in its purest form.

This serum helps lighten existing pigmentation and prevent further pigmentation from forming, it also helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use: Apply AM underneath your SPF and Make-up.




3. ZO Skin Health: Sulphur Masque

zo Offects-Sulfur-Masque-1

This product proves a popular choice in our Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire for spot-prone skins.

Its pore cleansing benefits of withdrawing Kaolin clay and calming Green Tea and aloe vera, deem a perfect masque for a skin detox.

10% sulphur helps to calm acne by reducing sebum & calming irritation.

How to use: Pop on a thin layer once a week with a masking brush for 10-15 mins before bed and voila! You will have softer skin, with an added glow! *Just put on T-Zone if this is your area of congestion. Wash off with warm water.

TOP TIP! ‘spot treat’ a pesky blemish with a small dab and leave on over night, your skin will thank you in the morning!


4. ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polishzo-exf-polish

Still in the spot light: ZO exfoliating polish

ZO Polish is still my NO.1 go to exfoliating product…

If you want an exfoliator you can actually feel working, deeply cleansing the skin, then this is for you!

Magnesium crystals slough off dead skin, a fantastic treat for black heads & open pores!

Vitamin A and C provide anti-oxidant protection.

The increation of cell turnover gives great anti-anti ageing benefits, and the exfoliation process is perfect for ingrown hairs (also great for men for a pre-shave treat!)

How to use: Apply a 10 pence piece ammount to damp skin, massaging into face and neck. Wash off with warm water. Use 2-3 times a week, as necessary.

5. ZO Olluminate Intense Eye Repair

zo Olluminate-Intense-Eye-Repair-1

Don’t forget your eyes!

This cream contains light reflecting minerals (mica and titanium dioxide) to instantly improve dark circles, a great pick me up for the delicate eye area!

Peptides stimulate collagen and elastin and Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant protection.

*psst, no one would ever know you had a late night!

How to use: PM: Apply a pea sized amount (half pea per eye) around your delicate eye area- the product does migrate so you can apply this sparingly around the eye bone.


Please call the Clinic on 01905 795028 for anymore information regarding any of the above products or to book in for a skin consultation.


Thanks for stopping by!



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