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Lauren’s latest blog… Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal- Review

Hi everyone!

I recently had a skin tag removed from my back at our Clinic here in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

The treatment was carried out by Charlotte, our Aesthetic Therapist and I wanted to share my experience with you…skin-tags

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small harmless growths of excessive skin, usually caused by friction such as clothes or skin rubbing together. Due to this, skin tags are often found on necks, waist lines, under bras and under arms.

They can stick out and irritate, catching on clothing.

What is Cryotherapy?

pen1Cryotherapy is a form of cryogen gas administered through a small ‘pen’ which cuts off the blood supply to a skin tag. Within 10-14 days the skin tag will ‘die’, go black, crusty and fall off.

Usually the skin is left with a small, flat ‘pock’ like mark, which many patients say they prefer than a skin tag.

Does it hurt?

The gas is usually administered for a maximum of 10 seconds, which is bearable and can sometimes feel tingly and slightly uncomfortable, but not for long!

After care advice:

It is important to avoid long soaks in the bath whilst the skin tag is healing, try to pat skin try rather than rub as this can irritate the area.

Avoid picking, as this can cause scarring due to poor healing.

Charlotte made me feel at ease, she explained the treatment in full and it was over within seconds!

The skin tag took a week to fall off, it was slightly crusty and now after two weeks the area has completely healed with just a small flat mark in the skin tags place!

It isn’t usual to come back for more treatment, however the area can be re-treated to remove any excess tag left.

Skin tags can re grow in different places, but we can always treat again in the future

I am very happy with the results.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the treatment was £50 and if I had anymore it would have been £5.00 per additional skin tag

Do you have a skin tag or perhaps several you would like removed?


Please call 01905 795028 to arrange a Consultation with one of our skilled practitioners.


Thanks for stopping by!


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