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Lauren’s Laser Hair Removal Update

Hi everyone!


Last year I wrote a blog all about why I love Laser Hair Removal.


I thought I would give you an update on my progress since then…

I had my top-up laser hair removal treatment last week on my bikini and underarms and before that I hadn’t needed a treatment since September last year!

This is because I had a course of treatment (6 laser hair removal treatments, based 6 weeks apart) and the hair simply hadn’t grown back- other than the odd hair, until now!

It is amazing not to have to shave, wax, pluck or bleach anymore. I don’t have to worry about preparing for spa days or swimming as I’m hair free!

I used to suffer from ingrown hairs, which would sometimes get infected, they were painful and caused some scarring.

Thanks to Laser Hair Removal, the hairs no longer grow back to become ingrown and irritate my skin, the skin has had time to recover and with regular exfoliation the hyper pigmented scarring has gone!

As mentioned before the laser works by damaging the hair and, over time the hair becomes less dense and doesn’t grow back. However it is not permanent, you will always need a top-up treatment, but this is only usually 1-3 times per year!

I am so pleased with this treatment, I recommend it to all!

We are able to treat ALL skin types and all types of hair as long as it is dark, as the laser works by focussing on pigment in the hair.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work on blonde, red, white or grey hair.


Why choose Outline Clinic for Laser hair removal?

Of course, the word ‘Laser’ treatment in itself sounds scary! But rest assured Outline Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire are a CQC Registered Clinic, meaning we are regulated by the care quality commission, adhering to rigorous protocols.

All staff are fully qualified and experienced.

Registered Nurse Prescriber Mary is the company Director and was a UK Trainer for Candela (the laser used in Clinic).

The type of laser used is candela Gentle Max, this is a medical-grade laser and contains two types inside the machine, one for lighter skin types and one for darker skin types.

Mary has ensured staff are trained to an exceptionally high standard. Consultations and test patches are always performed before any treatment takes place to ensure there are no reactions and clients are made aware of pre and post treatment care.


Please call 01905-795028 to book



Good to know…

Outline Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire now have ‘We love Laser Wednesdays’ whereby if you book on a Wednesday between 10am-4pm you receive 10% off of all laser treatments!

*This does not apply to pre-paid courses, only singular treatments


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