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Laser Hair Removal – Your Top 10 Questions Answered!

Laser Hair Removal – Your Top 10 Questions Answered!


I am regularly asked questions about our laser treatment for hair removal.

We use the state-of-the-art Candela GentleMax laser at our clinic which is suitable for all skin  types.

We have been performing this treatment for almost 15 years now, and I have selected the most  commonly asked questions to answer…

  1. 1.         Does it hurt?

A.         We all have different thresholds of pain.  Most people will compare it to an elastic band  lightly flicking across the skin.  Have you ever been waxed, had a tattoo or given birth?  Laser  hair removal will be a walk in the park!
 2.         How does it work?

A.         The Candela GentleMax works by delivering light at a specified wavelength from the hand-piece into the skin, where it targets pigment in the hair.  This is intended to cause thermal damage to the hair follicle while not damaging the surrounding tissues.

3.         Why do I need a test patch?

A.         We are all different and it is important that we check your suitability to laser treatment before we treat the required area.  You will not thank us if we treat your bikini area and then you are unable to sit down for a week!

4.         Can you treat all skin types?

A.         Simply the answer is YES.  Outline uses the latest laser from Candela for hair removal.  The GentleMax laser works well for both light and dark-skinned patients.  The laser has a dual wavelength of Alexandrite laser and Nd:Yag to enable us to safely treat all skin types.

5.         How long does a treatment take?

A.         A face and neck area will typically take 15 minutes to treat.  A full Hollywood 30 minutes, the same for full legs.

6.         Why should I not wax, pluck or thread my hair before treatment?

A.         There are three stages  to the hair growth cycle, it is essential to treat the hair when it is in the Anagen stage of growth.  Anagen are new hairs growing out of the follicle and may be visible above the skins surface.  Having treatment at this stage will ensure maximum results. If you have plucked before treatment there is no hair present for the laser to target.

7.         What are the side effects?

A.         The majority of patients will only experience slight redness after their treatment, this will normally have disappeared by the time they have arrived home.  Other side effects may be swelling, itching and heat, which usually subsides within a day or so after treatment.

8.         What if my hair grows in-between treatments?

A.         None of us want to walk round with a hairy upper lip!  You can still shave or trim the unwanted hair in-between treatments. As long as you maintain treatments regularly as advised, there should only be minimal growth between sessions.

9.         How many treatments will I need?

A.         Most patients require a course of 5 – 10 treatments for effective hair removal.  Thicker, coarser, darker  hairs tend to respond better than finer, downy hair.  Most patients report an improvement after the first session.

10.         How do I book an consultation and free test patch?

A.         Simply call us on 01905 795028, we offer daytime, weekend and evening appointments and are happy to discuss your needs.

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