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Introducing ZO SkinHealth Instant Pore Refiner



ZO SkinHealth Instant Pore Refiner!


ZO SkinHealth are a luxury results driven brand that penetrates a lot deeper into the skin than anything you can buy over the counter. These products can only be purchased from a reputable stockist who is fully trained in the products.


ZO SkinHealth have brought out an exciting new product to help minimise pores. Enlarged or open pores are a concern for a lot of people, which can be genetic or caused by oily skin.


The benefits of this product are that it normalizes sebum production, which reduces oil and shine, while smoothing the skins texture. It strengthens the skins barrier and provides 12-hour antioxidant protection. This product helps to keep pores clean to limit any blemishes occurring.


Rosa Canina- Reduces sebum and tightens pores.


ZO Redness Reducing System (plant stem cell complex) Powerful antioxidant.


ZO Complex- 12 hour antioxidant release system.


This product can be used morning and nighttime, apply 2-3 pumps to the area of concern. If currently using ZO products, apply after Oil Control and beforeIntroducing Daily Power Defense.

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