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Skincare Advice

Aknetrol: Product of the Month!

zo medical

  Suffering from breakouts?   We have a product to help: ZO Medical Aknetrol   Hi everyone! Here at Outline Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire we often see patients seeking to improve acne/congestion- we are experienced and here to help!   We have seen many patients see results with the ZO Medical range, please call 01905 795028 to book in for ... Read More »

Fathers Day Special Offer!

fathers day 2016

Father’s Day falls on Sunday 19th June 2016 this year Why not treat him to the fabulous HydraFacial Treatment! HydraFacial is a deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating treatment using a vortex fusion via a machine application of powerful biologically active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (deeply hydrating), glycolic and salicylic acid (exfoliating) and Vitamin C for antioxidant protection against pollutants. Due to ... Read More »

New Laser HydraFacial Combination Treatment!


A-List Celebrity Laser HydraFacial Treatment Coming Soon to Outline Clinic… Hi everyone! Would you like to be pampered like a celebrity?! We are introducing a new and exciting upgraded Laser HydraFacial  combination treatment to Outline Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire. The HydraFacial is our most popular in Clinic facial treatment, it is a fabulous treatment that leaves your skin glowing, refreshed and nourished. ... Read More »

ZO Exfoliating Polish- Lauren’s Product of the Month


Lauren’s product of the month for March is: ZO Exfoliating Polish      Hi everyone!     What is ZO Skin Health? ZO Skin Health, created by renowned Dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi, is a medical skin health range formulated with biologically active ingredients- clinically proven to be effective ZO Skin health has a broad range of products to treat a ... Read More »

HydraFacial Mothers day Treat


Mums are Special, treat her this Mothers Day…. Hi everyone! Here at Outline Clinic in Droitwich we offer a wide range of treatments for various concerns. One of the more luxurious treatments which we offer is HydraFacial, this is also one of our most popular treatments. This deep exfoliating treatment with no down time leaves the skin hydrated and glowing, a perfect gift for Mothers ... Read More »

Night cream- Product of the month- Outline Recover


Hi everyone!   I am now starting a ‘Product of the month’ blog- a blog where you can receive some inside knowledge on tried and tested products, reviewed monthly. The product for this month is: Outline Recover healing active night cream This wonderfully hydrating night cream will boost your skin during this wintry period! Central heating is on full blast and dry patches of skin is a common ... Read More »

Dermaroller- A treatment for improving scars and stretch marks


Hi everyone!   Today I am blogging about our Dermaroller in-Clinic Treatment for improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks Can Scars and Stretch Marks Be Removed? This is a popular question we are often asked here at Outline Skincare Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire and is a common concern for many.     We carry out an in Clinic treatment called Dermaroller and Electronic ... Read More »

Lauren’s latest blog… Skin Tag Removal


Skin Tag Removal- Review Hi everyone! I recently had a skin tag removed from my back at our Clinic here in Droitwich, Worcestershire. The treatment was carried out by Charlotte, our Aesthetic Therapist and I wanted to share my experience with you… What are skin tags? Skin tags are small harmless growths of excessive skin, usually caused by friction such as clothes or ... Read More »

Charlotte’s Top 5 moisturising products for Winter


  Hi all! Winter is nearly here and those cold nights are coming… We all love to keep warm during this period by putting the heating on- which is lovely, but can dehydrate the skin. Cooler temperatures outside, combined with central heating cranked up to the max can leave us with dry skin with sore patches and flaking.   What actually happens to our skin in ... Read More »

Obagi Skincare Review


Obagi Skin Care Systems     Promoting flawless complexions – what can be done? I am regularly asked in my Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire, about how to promote a radiant, clear complexion and also how to remove unwanted pigmentation issues in the skin.       With the advent of package holiday deals back in the 60’s and 70’s, we ... Read More »