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Dermaroller- A treatment for improving scars and stretch marks


Hi everyone!   Today I am blogging about our Dermaroller in-Clinic Treatment for improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks Can Scars and Stretch Marks Be Removed? This is a popular question we are often asked here at Outline Skincare Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire and is a common concern for many.     We carry out an in Clinic treatment called Dermaroller and Electronic ... Read More »

Lauren’s latest blog… Skin Tag Removal


Skin Tag Removal- Review Hi everyone! I recently had a skin tag removed from my back at our Clinic here in Droitwich, Worcestershire. The treatment was carried out by Charlotte, our Aesthetic Therapist and I wanted to share my experience with you… What are skin tags? Skin tags are small harmless growths of excessive skin, usually caused by friction such as clothes or ... Read More »

Charlotte’s Top 5 moisturising products for Winter


  Hi all! Winter is nearly here and those cold nights are coming… We all love to keep warm during this period by putting the heating on- which is lovely, but can dehydrate the skin. Cooler temperatures outside, combined with central heating cranked up to the max can leave us with dry skin with sore patches and flaking.   What actually happens to our skin in ... Read More »

Shelley & Obagi Nu-Derm Week 3


I have been using the Obagi Nu-Derm system for 3 weeks now. How is my skin at week 3? Still red. Together with some minor peeling, skin redness dominates. What have a learnt so far? Obagi Nu-Derm is definitely an undertaking. It consists of the following, prescription-strength products. 7 in total including Tretinoin - Foaming gel cleanser. Use both morning ... Read More »

Shelley & Obagi Nu-Derm Follow My Journey


  Week One. I am hoping to find out if the Obagi Nu-Derm skin transformation kit really works. We prescribe this system in our aesthetic clinic and our nurse Mary with over 20 years’ experience not only is a loyal follower but swears by this product for it’s amazing skin transforming powers! I am hoping to give you a real ... Read More »

Lauren’s latest blog: Why I love Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal: What to expect…   After years of waxing, shaving, plucking and various other treatments many men and women decide to take the plunge and try Laser Hair Removal at our Clinic here in Droitwich, Worcestershire.   What is Laser Hair Removal? Laser hair removal is a long term method of hair removal. It is a relatively comfortable ... Read More »

Obagi Skincare Review


Obagi Skin Care Systems     Promoting flawless complexions – what can be done? I am regularly asked in my Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire, about how to promote a radiant, clear complexion and also how to remove unwanted pigmentation issues in the skin.       With the advent of package holiday deals back in the 60’s and 70’s, we ... Read More »

Introducing Charlotte to Outline Skincare


Hello I’m Charlotte. I am new to Outline Skincare Clinic and my position is Aesthetic Therapist   I have a huge passion for the Aesthetic Industry and have gained experience in different areas. I am now excited to be starting a new adventure in a results driven environment. During my time at the Clinic so far, I have shadowed a ... Read More »

Fire and Ice Peel- Shelley’s Experience!


My Experience of our in-Clinic Treatment: Fire and Ice Peel Hi all! I recently enjoyed a Fire and Ice Peel Treatment within our Clinic here in Droitwich, Worcestershire. I’m bursting to tell you about my experience and have waited a few weeks to be able to tell you about the actual treatment experience as well as the after results! Who ... Read More »

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub Review


    To scrub or not to scrub? ‘Lauren’s review of Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub’ Hi there! I have tried many body scrubs in the past such as sugar based, sea salt, apricot kernel, almond & jojoba beads! But my favourite all time body scrub- The Ultimate body scrub has to be Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub. ... Read More »