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Have you got Sugar-Face??

Have you got Sugar Face?!


Sugar Affects The Skin…


Remember to eat sugary foods in moderation as the sugar
breaks down Collagen, which is what makes your skin look plump, youthful, and lifted.  Sugar can also weaken the immune system, and a suppressed immune system is bad at fighting off bacteria. Bacteria clogged in pores creates breakouts. Sugar triggers insulin production, which triggers protein-utilization malfunctions. Sugar acts as a kind of signal scrambler, affecting the production of the proteins and amino acids that build up Collagen and elasticity.

Sugar is highly acidic which can cause a rise in blood sugar levels. When you eat a food high in sugar, your blood sugar rises rapidly, and then falls shortly after insulin is released into your cells. This creates a huge drop in blood sugar that makes you shaky, hungry and moody. When this happens your body creates internal stress, which can lead to breakouts, or dull-looking skin. Be sure to eat plenty of fibre, protein, and healthy fats at each meal to prevent this from happening.

Studies have been linked to high-sugar foods and high-sugar diets creating free radicals in the body. Free radicals are bad and break down collagen. Anti-oxidants are important for fighting free radicals, foods which help with this are fruits and vegetables.

Sugar ruins the skin as it can cause redness and irritation; this is due to the inflammatory properties in sugar. If you suffer from rashes or are prone to yeast imbalances in the body, it could be because you are eating too much sugar. Rashes can be a sign of yeast imbalance, and redness occurs mainly from inflammation. Eliminate all refined and added sugars and focus more on green vegetables and rich fibre foods.

If you are concerned about your skin and how it could have possibly been affected by this sugar-face issue, our excellent Therapists here at Outline Clinic, Worcestershire are waiting to assist you with a comprehensive Skin Consultation and assessment.

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