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General Skincare Tips | Skincare Advice

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it has several functions, not least helping us to regulate our temperature, protecting us from the external environment, aiding our senses such as touch and pain and helping us to expel certain toxins. Generally, about 70% of our skin is made up of water.

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Many of us tend to neglect our skin, simply by failing to protect it from harmful UV light, or just not eating healthily, not drinking enough water or by smoking. Our skincare ranges can help you minimise the damage caused by years of neglect. We recommend using powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamins A, C and E alongside firming, refining and hydrating products.

As a rule, we recommend using different products to do different things in your skin. Sadly, there isn’t a “magic wonder-cream” that will do everything. Usually, your regime will follow a pattern similar to this:

  • Cleanse
  • Preventing Products
  • Correcting/Refining Products
  • Moisturising/Hydrating Products
  • Protecting Products / SPF

It is usually not a problem to layer products on your skin, and the different products will target different areas and different problems. You should aim to tailor your regime to your individual skin type eg) oily, dry, acneic. We are available to give advice and we can tailor a regime for your skin type if you require.

Applying your products

At Outline Skincare Ltd we only supply professional, cosmeceutical products. These are very much more effective than ordinary “High Street” products, which means that only a very small amount of product is required. This means they last longer than beauty products, and you get better value for money.

Applying too much of a Cosmeceutical product will not make it work any better. Sometimes, you may cause irritation by applying too much product. Many of our products come with a dispensing pipette, and just 3 drops of a product is more than enough for applying to the entire face. Products that are packaged as cream in jars will generally require a small, pea sized amount for application.

Our Top Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

1. Drink plenty of fluid every day. Elastic, hydrated skin looks better than dehydrated skin. Firm plums look more attractive than desiccated prunes!!

2. Keep your skin topped up with antioxidants. Antioxidants help us to fight the damage caused by free radical attack, such as from pollution, cigarette smoke and UV damage.

3. Take adequate rest & relaxation. Your skin needs to relax while you sleep, so make sure you get enough of it! Dark under eye circles and bags look worse when we are tired 90% of extrinsic (external) ageing is caused by UV damage. Read our separate tips about protecting yourself against damaging rays from the sun. Remember – SPF needs to be applied year round. It doesn’t have to be sunny for your skin to be aged.

4. Make sure your skin products are the correct ones for your skin type. It’s easy to be using the wrong product types for your skin, and then it’s not cost effective. We are available for skincare advice and will tailor a regime to your individual need. Vitamin A is clinically proven as an anti-ageing product, and can help the appearance of lines and wrinkles. We have various products with different amounts of Vitamin A (or Retinol) in them, from smaller percentages when you are introducing Retinol, up to stronger Vitamin A Creams.

5. Make our eyelash products your new best friend! We have a range of products to boost eyelash growth and give you the lashes of your dreams, by thickening them and encouraging the growth. Our eyelash products are found in the “Appliances & Hair Products” section of our website.

6. Acne is a common condition, affecting many adolescents, but also adults as well. Our expertise allows us to address all the problems associated with acne to enable a multi-faceted approach to help you manage the condition. We have light devices, such as the AcneStar, skincare ranges with helpful acne-fighting ingredients.

7. Get the most mileage from your skincare ranges with our Home Dermaroller. Many skin products find it difficult to penetrate the skin’s natural, protective barrier. The Dermaroller is a micro-needling device, designed for use at home, to literally push your products into the skin. You can roller while watching the TV at night, safe in the knowledge that your favourite product is doing “what it says on the tin”!

Get the best advice for your skin from our expert team. Call us on 0845 389 9586 for any further help and advice on our complete ranges.

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