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Facial fillers – looking forward to outstanding results

Facial fillers – why we mustn’t forget the past when moving to the outstanding treatments of the future

Every day in my aesthetic and laser clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire, I hear the same worries and concerns from patients when they talk about facial fillers…….I don’t want to look “overdone”…..I’m worried people will think I’m mad……I’ve seen what celebrities look like after treatment.

In the past, practitioners have relied on using large quantities of dermal facial fillers to restore lost volume in deflated cheeks, to chase lines and wrinkles and to plump up lips. The results were very often unnatural looking, “overdone”, and sometimes downright frightening!

It’s important for me, as a practitioner who takes pride in my work and results with facial fillers, and equally importantly keeps up to date with new ideas and concepts, so as not to forget the horrors and mistakes of the past. Gone are the days when we over-inflate faces and cheeks and create faces that quite frankly no longer look human.

Sadly, with the results of the Keogh Report not addressing any of the concerns raised by scrupulous cosmetic practitioners, it is still a case of “buyer beware” when it comes to the rodeos advertised by many cowboy injectors and “therapists”. Consumers and patients have to be very careful when choosing their cosmetic provider when considering facial fillers and other injectable treatments such as Botox.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by glossy advertising and many salons and injectors claim to make light of these procedures, which historically, have had some devastating side effects. When it comes to facial fillers, there are some basic questions you should feel comfortable asking your practitioner, and any reputable clinic will welcome concerns such as these.

Quality of products

Ask your practitioner – what will you be injecting into my face? The number of patients who have received facial injections with another provider staggers me, when they have no idea what has been injected into them! There are over 100 different dermal fillers available to practitioners in Europe and the UK, and 95% of them I would never consider using!

I will only use products that have been FDA approved and therefore have a track record and have undergone rigorous clinical testing. Products such as Juvederm, Restylane and Emervel are all hyaluronic acid facial fillers that are safe, effective and reasonably predictable. However, you do “get what you pay for” and these facial fillers will not be the cheapest available to you. There are many cheaper products available and if price is your main consideration then beware of falling into the trap of receiving injections without having a clue what it is!


Discuss the results of facial fillers in depth with your practitioner. I never over-promise results and will make all of my patients aware of what can and cannot be achieved. If a patient sits in front of me and stretches their skin up by their ears and tell me they want a result like this, I will remind them they are describing a facelift procedure and when they spend £6000 – £8000 on this procedure that’s what they can expect. It’s important that both you and your practitioner are clear on what can be achieved.

Ask your practitioner if they can show you before and after photographs of actual patients they have treated themselves with facial fillers. It’s easy to promise the earth with stock images of manufacturers photographs, but will your treatment actually look like this?

Never over-do

If huge pouts and pillow cheeks are your desire, then we are not the clinic for you. I never over inflate with dermal facial fillers. The results should be natural, pleasing……”you on a good day.” It’s not about making someone look different or attempting to make them look 20 years younger.

The results we are achieving in our clinic are beautiful, natural and outstanding and this can all be done within a sensible budget. It’s all about keeping in harmony, not forgetting the quality of your skin and planning a programme with your practitioner that will keep you looking your best, looking like you, all of the time.

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