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Charlotte’s Product of the Month ZO Medical – Brightenex


Charlotte’s Product Of The Month

ZO Medical- Brightenexzobrightenex

Hi everyone!

Many patients at our Clinic in Droiwich, Worcestershire approach us with concerns regarding pigmentation, so I have decided to share this brilliant product with you which has been formulated to target areas of hyper-pigmentation such as freckling, Melasma and age spots.

Brightenex, from the ZO Medical range, is an amazing pigment control agent. This product contains retinol so you should build up the use gradually. Within this product there is also melanin inhibitors, vitamin C and antioxidants, which are released to rapidly brighten and even skin tone quality.

Additionally, this product minimizes skin redness caused by environmental factors and helps to maintain an even skin tone. With this product you may experience some dryness, irritation and peeling, which typically develops 3-7 days following the first application. Dryness and irritation will diminish as new, fresh skin is revealed.

ZO Medical – Brightenex is a non-bleaching alternative to hydroquinone. Promotes exfoliation and cell turnover. As well as breaking existing pigmentation this product also blocks multiple melanogenesis pathways to prevent future pigmentation. This product has an oleosomes delivery system (which the retinol is encapsulated in), which means the retinol can penetrate deeper and is less irritating on the skin as it disperses gradually.

-An SPF (sun protector) must be worn with this product, to protect from future damage to the skin- we recommend ZO Oclipse Smart Tone Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50, apply every few hours as needed for optimum protection.

*This product is available at Worcestershire’s Premier Skin Care and Aesthetic Clinic – Outline Clinic.

*ZO Medical – Brightenex is a prescription-only item which would require a consultation before use- please call 01905 795028 to arrange an appointment-this product cannot be used on anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.



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