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Charlotte’s Lip Filler Experience


My Experience of Lip Enhancement with fillers…



 CR3Hi everyone!

Working within Outline Clinic in Droitwich, Worcestershire I have watched many people having fillers in their lips and I have seen the fantastic results and happy patients!

This was always a treatment that I wanted to try, and who else better to carry out the treatment than our Registered Nurse Mary.

Mary has over 20 years experience carrying out injectable treatments and I felt incredibly safe in her skilled hands.


Good to know….

Highly-Commended-BLACK-300x154Outline Clinic in Worcestershire is a CQC Registered Clinic, this means the Clinic is regulated by the Care quality commission and must adhere to strict protocols.

Outline only uses top quality products that have undergone rigorous clinical trials to be FDA approved.

The Clinic has recently been judged Runners-Up in the category of “Best Clinic North England” at the fabulous Aesthetic Awards, held in December 2015.

The Lip filler Treatment…

cr-lipsWhat happened and did it hurt?

Firstly, Mary carried out a thorough Consultation to determine what my desired results were.

I wanted wanted my lips to be more defined and have more shape, but still looking natural and soft.

Once this was decided, the treatment began.

Numbing cream was applied which took affect very quickly.

Mary then began injecting the lip filler with a needle. The needle was inserted into different points of my lips (top and bottom). I found when Mary was inserting the needle a little bit sharp but it was bearable, and I would have them done again (can’t have been that bad!).

I looked in the mirror afterwards and was very happy with the results! Mary said if I wanted any more filler she would review for me once the swelling had subsided

The treatment and Consultation took about 45-60 mins.

What happened afterwards?

After the treatment my lips were swollen and this lasted for roughly a week.

I did sustain a small bruise on my bottom lip, which is common when injecting with a needle. I was able to cover this up with lipstick and it was gone within days.

Once the swelling had gone down and I was able to see the results, I was amazed. Mary had really listened to me and created my desired look. I absolutely LOVE my lips….. Thank you Mary.

To those of you who are thinking about a lip filler procedure but are a little apprehensive about the treatment, a confidential chat with Mary along with seeing images of all her work is sure to put you at ease.

I have had nothing but good comments about my lips and people who didn’t know me beforehand have said they look completely natural!

Why not Join me and get the Outline Perfect Pout!


Call 01905 795028 to book in for a Consultation

We are open Monday-Saturday

Mary is available Monday-Friday with late evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 7pm

You can also check out Mary in action during a lip enhancment procedure via this link

Thanks for reading :)









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