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Callus Peel Foot Treatment – Lets treat our feet!

Here comes the Callus Peel Foot Treatment – Lets treat our feet!

feetIntroducing the callus peel foot treatment…New to us here at Outline Skincare in Droitwich, this treatment is formulated to improve hard, thickened skin on the feet.

Perfect for achy feet post-parties!

How does it work?

The enzymatic peel works by eating away at dead skin, before being lifted off & revealing beautiful, soft feet.

The foot file & potent ingredients (lactic acid and tartaric acid) deeply exfoliate thickened skin on the feet, an area hard to get to alone!heels-fb

What happens during the Callus Peel Foot Treatment?

First, our Practitioner will cleanse your feet & exfoliate dry areas with a foot file. Each foot file is replaced per patient.

Once the thickened areas are shaved down the callus peel foot treatment mask is applied & your feet are wrapped up.

It takes 15 minutes for the peel to work its magic before your feet are ready to be unwrapped.

Our Practitioner will then remove any remaining hard skin.

An enriching moisturiser is gently massaged into the skin & voila! Beautiful, smooth feet – ready for your Christmas sparkly sandals!!

This treatment is currently £20.00, normally £25.00

We recommend several treatments based 4-6 weeks apart for particularly stubborn, thickened skin.

We currently have a special offer of 3 callus peel treatments for £55.00


As the thickened areas of skin on our feet are full of dead skin cells, it remains a pain free treatment.

The foot peel can coincide with a facial peel; see our treatment offer (peel top & toe!) or it can be had as a foot treatment alone.


The Callus Peel Treatment makes a perfect gift for men & women wanting to treat their feet!

Please call 01905 795028 to book

Open Monday-Saturday

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