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Botox – When is it too young to start?

Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin and has become something of a household name over the last few years. It has been licensed in the UK for cosmetic treatments since 2001 and is probably our most frequently requested injectable treatment at our Droitwich aesthetic clinic.

wrinkle-injections1-small Botox is a muscle relaxant that can help to soften dynamic fine lines and wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles occur when we carryout a facial expression, such as frowning or smiling. It has 2  main benefits:

First, as it relaxes the muscles, the skin over the top relaxes as well, because it is not constantly being pulled into an expression the lines therefore have a chance to recover. This means the wrinkles look better whilst Botox treatment is working.

Secondly, it has a preventative effect, because whilst you cannot carry out a certain expression, it slows down the wrinkle formation in that area.

Most people will start to think about Botox treatments in their 20’s, but usually there is little need for the treatment to start until their late 20’s or early 30’s and this would usually be as a preventative measure.

However, the Daily Mail has exposed a shocking list of practitioners around the UK who seem happy to carry out Botox injections on adolescents as young as 16! Sadly, the practitioners are not restricted to the non-medically qualified, and include doctors and nurse prescribers. In the article they justify this practice by claiming the treatment is for “preventative” purposes, but this is somewhat nullified by comments then made by a Dr Dr Hok Yee Siu, who prescribed Botox for a 17 year old working undercover for the Daily Mail, where he stated that prescribing Botox is the easiest money he ever made (Daily Mail, 2013), after signing the prescription.

There have been many cries of outrage for some time, over the morals and ethics surrounding the aesthetic industry, from both practitioners and the public. Scrupulous practitioners in the UK awaited the Keogh Report with bated breath, in the hope that some regulation would finally be introduced, that the public would be more protected by stringent policies, with regards training and practice and those unethical practitioners would be brought to task. Sadly, initial insights into the report only make recommendations and we are left no further forward, and with the risk that we may end up with a plethora of regulations that do not address the inherent problems.

I can only urge consumers to be sensible and to check out their clinic and practitioners scrupulously. It’s never been easier to do a quick internet search for Botox and find many local practitioners offering deals and cut price treatments, not to mention “Groupon type” adverts. The old adage, “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is….” has never been more poignant.

mary-botox-smallYou will never find our clinic on discount social sites or offering cut price treatments. We do not price match our Botox treatments to local competitors. We are justifiably proud of the service we offer and believe that experience, qualifications and skill are more important than price when it comes to your health. You wouldn’t get a non-Corgi registered plumber in to fix your central heating boiler, or have your drive tarmacked by a passing labourer? So, why would you risk your health and well-being when it comes to medical treatment?

There are plenty of practitioners out there, sadly both medically qualified and non medics, waiting to take your money for treatments that are unnecessary and, in my opinion, unethically advised. I don’t believe that teenagers need Botox for cosmetic reasons. A good skincare regime, founded in cosmeceutical quality products, will serve a youngster’s skin far better and get them into the habit of caring for skin health.

I will never put profit before morals, and believe this is the backbone behind the success of our clinic.

You can read the full shocking article here:


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