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Groupon deal- Why a bargain basement offer isn’t always best

Groupon deals for Clinic Treatments-

Why it’s false economy to buy Medical Treatments on Voucher sites…


I was looking through oulotus-shoulder-tattoor local advertising last week and came across another local beauty salon offering a Tattoo Removal Groupon deal in the Worcestershire area & I thought I would make my latest Blog about why this type of promotion is bad…bad for businesses and bad for consumers.

Of course, all start up businesses need to attract customers and when a Salon or Clinic opens there is pressure to gain new custom. Even established businesses have a need to attract new clients, but the tried and tested ways are always the best and this means you must be in it for the long haul.



There’s no quick fix to creating a busy and successful (and the keyword here is successful and NOT busy!) Clinic or Business. Word of mouth & recommendations due to providing an outstanding service, are always going to come up trumps every time!

Groupon works by selling to the masses and offering cut price treatments or services to ensure that businesses get lots of new customers through their doors.


What does this mean to you, as a customer or patient of a private Clinic /Salon?

So you bmarys blog march tattoo-backuy a Groupon deal. Let’s say for Laser Tattoo Removal, like the one I saw recently.

Groupon take a cut of the amount you pay for your deal from the business – sometimes  up to 50%. So if you’ve paid £39 for 4 sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal, & let’s say Groupon take £15 of that from the business. This doesn’t affect you as the customer, or so it would seem initially…..

So the Salon receives a payment from Groupon for approximately £24 or thereabouts and they are then obliged to give you 4 sessions of Laser Treatment. That works out to the salon receiving £6 per Laser Treatment that they give you! Let’s consider the quality of the treatment that you will be receiving for this value.


cynosureAs a Registered Nurse, and one of the first Practitioners in the UK to perform Laser Tattoo Removal with Q-Switched lasers back in the early 90’s, I have a lot of experience about what is involved in the safe administration of these treatments.

First and most importantly let’s look at medical indemnity insurance: Lasers are scary, big machines & in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage, including causing blindness.

I have seen hundreds of patients for second opinion, who have been scarred by lasers in inexperienced or unqualified hands. Secondly, let’s look at the equipment itself. Our Q-Switched Laser cost over £30,000 and is a huge capital investment for a Clinic. Of course there are cheaper machines available and the quality of these machines varies accordingly. One would have to perform endless treatments at £6 per session to cover the investment cost of the Laser itself (if it’s a decentquality one!).

Of course, there are additional costs to running any safe, Medical Practice and these include staff, training, suitable SAFE premises, clinical waste disposal, servicing of your Laser, other administration costs and that is before we have even got to advertising.

Any business offering these cheap, cut-cost treatments cannot be giving a good, quality service to the patient. The maths simply does not add up. Let’s now consider the logistics of getting your appointment for your treatment. So you’ve paid £39 for your 4 laser sessions and you should expect to receive these at 6 weekly intervals. If we make the maths easy and say the salon has sold 100 deals on Groupon. That’s 400 treatments they now have to carry out during a limited period of time.


image_1As an experienced Practitioner, running a successful Medical Clinic with a good reputation, I advise that an appointment for an average tattoo of 4” x 4” will be around 30 minutes.


After all the patient has to arrive, consent to the treatment, settle in for the treatment & the Practitioner will have to review the previous treatment, find out if there were any problems, photograph the area for clinical audit records and commence treatment. The area must be cleaned, shaved, treated and dressed. A Clinic open 10 hours a day would be able to carry out 15 treatments a day comfortable, given the practitioner will need to eat, drink and carry out necessary ablutions!


Again, the maths doesn’t add up…..its not possible to carry out these 400 sessions in the time available unless time travel Dr Who style is invented! What does this mean to you as a patient? It means you will struggle to get your treatments booked in to the clinic / salon at the correct intervals because there aren’t enough hours in the day.



laser-room-1-360tallWe receive enquiries about Laser Tattoo removal daily from people in the local area of Droitwich, Westmidlands. Laser treatment is effective, safe and and efficient way to remove an unwanted tattoo in the correct hands. But those handsmust be safe and trustworthy.

We are often asked why we won’t price match these deals and other Clinics offering extremely cut-price treatments. The answer is simple and I hope I have explained in the Blog, but to summarise:

  • We have state of the art Lasers costing over £110,000 in our Clinic
  • We have Medical Staff who are fully trained and experienced
  • Our Clinic costs over £30,000 each month just to run, with insurance and other administrative costs
  • We have over 22 years of experience and can advise patients safely
  • We NEVER put profit before your health, well-being and safety
  • We do not cut corners, re-use single use equipment (yes….it really does happen!) or compromise your safety
  • We are fully insured with complete medical indemnity cover
  • We are able to help with any complications, such as infection after treatment
  • You are in safe hands!

We may not be the cheapest Clinic in the area to offer this service,but we have been established for many years and run a successful business in Aesthetics and Lasers. I can only wonder if Salons selling these absurdly low-cost treatments will still be trading next year- or will they be bankrupt!

& if they are…will Groupon give you your money back for the treatment you never received?!

In a nutshell – Would you employ the services of a non CORGI registered plumber to service or install your household boiler? Most people would scream abject horror at the thought due to the danger involved. So I ask…why would you employ the services of a non-medic to perform a laser treatment on your body?

betterdoctor-health-quote-8You have one body – please look after it!!


If you would like to talk to us about Laser Tattoo Removal, or any other treatment then

please call 01905 795028 for further information.

Email: info@outlineskincare.co.uk

We are open Monday-Saturday

Thanks for reading!





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